Bodygram PLUS

New tools for estimating and interpretation, new reports, scheduler, news of scientific articles and updates from the world of body composition funneled in a single app.

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Bodygram PLUS software platform gives birth to a reliable body composition analysis system for all physiological and pathological
conditions.With over 50 results available, Bodygram PLUS analysis covers a wide range of body composition applications: from Paediatrics to Gynaecology, from Clinical Nutrition to Geriatrics, Nephrology and Cardiology.
The new Hydragram® technology introduces: the use of variable tissue-hydration models to compute Fat-Free Mass and Fat Mass with the highest accuracy; the built-in “interpretive tool”, which helps users when evaluating their patients’ body composition; the new easy-read scales allowing immediate assessment of the individual’s hydration and nutritional status.
Thanks to Bodygram PLUS modular structure, new features and upgrades can easily be implemented.

Of all the innovative features introduced by Bodygram Plus, a most significant one is the new algorithms to detect real hydration, avoiding customary an unreliable steady state assumption of body fluids that is a daily variable volume.

  Fat mass
This new and unique approach of using the real hydration state has improved significantly the SEE and prediction of all compartments, Fat and Lean Mass are now estimated with a much higher precision. It is no longer required to   ask for all palliative recommendations to attempt reaching “ normal hydration “.
Weight control
Need to pIan a reliable weight- loss perspective for your
patient? “Weight Manager” might be of help, calculating
daily TotaI Energy Expenditure (TEE) based on BMR and
patients physical activity level (PAL), delivering information
on calorie consumption for 30 different types of exercise/
sport, planning a personalized weight-loss trend over time.Estimating theoretical time to reach the target weight corresponding to ± 5% of the ideal weight loss Weight loss can enhanced with physical activities that the Nutritionist can choose from a list and entered in the weight loss plan
  Hydragram® and Nutrigram®
Forerunners for having implemented the BIVA (Vector Analysis currently now used and clinically validated in various clinical conditions), Akern integrates today in its new software the Hydragram®, Nutrigram® scales to side and simplify the much diffused Biavector® (BIVA) and Biagram@ to obtain immediate, bedside classifications of hydration and nutritional states.
Interpretive module
A deeper look on body composition analysis via the latest nutritional (FFMI and FMI) and functional (SMI and MQI) indexes, the easy-read Hydragram® and Nutrigram® Scales, standardized phase angle (SPA), appendicular skeletal muscle mass value (ASMM), BIVA displacement of a group of patients ...
  Nutrional evaluation
FFMI (Fat Free Mass Index) e FMI (Fat Mass Index) percentiles to follow all changes and to score results Appendicular muscle strength to facilitate sarcopenic assessments . Muscle mass innovative equations and new indexes such as SMI (skeletal muscle mass index), ASMM (appendicular skeletal muscle mass index) for clinical use.
Anthropometric module
Bodygram Plus users may now manage, under the same platform, both BIA and Anthropometrics tests. The module allows to track shape changes via 8 circumferences, assess patient’s morphology, calculate cardiometabolic risks as well as abdominal fat.
  Enterprise module
The application developped for Networking: Windows installer software distribution, up to 15 Bodygram PLUS
workstations, shared database, full version software, offline and online registration.

Rz Resistance
Xc Reactance
PhA Phase Angle
SPA Standardized Phase Angle

Hydragram® scale from 16 y.o. age
BIVA Analysis norms from 2 y.o. to 85 y.o. age
TBW Tota I Body Water in liters, as % on weight, in liters/height
ECW Extra Cellular Water in liters, as % on weight, in liters/height
Nae/Ke ratio
Nutrigram® scale from 16 y.o. age
FFM Fat - Free Mass in kg, as % on weight, in kg/height
BCM Body Cell Mass in kg, as % on weight, in kg/height
BMI Body Mass lndex
FFMI Fat-free Mass lndex with reference values
BCMI Body Cell Mass lndex with reference values


MQI Muscle Quality lndex
SM Skeletal Muscle in kg
ASMM Appendicular Skeletal Muscle Mass in kg
SMI Skeletal Muscles lndex by Janssen with reference values


BMR Basal metabolic rate in Kcal, kJ
TEE TotaI Energy Expenditure in Kcal
PAL Physical Activity level
Energy Expenditure for over 30 different activities
Recommended daily calorie intake 

Chest circumference
Waist circumference, Hip circumference
Waist/hip ratio, Waist/height ratio
Abdominal circumference
Right arm circumference
Right thigh circumference
Right calf circumference
Right wrist circumference
Morphology, Body type, Cardiometabolic Risk
Analysis Report with graphs
One-page summary report
Comparison report
Follow up graphs
Weight-loss report
Height-related body composition report
Hydragram® and Nutrigram® printout
Nutritional scores and indexes report
WHO children growth charts


Appointments diary
Add a patient’s picture to a test
Automatic updates
Data export to csv
BIVA plot of groups of patients
Programmable auto back-up
Tablet optimization (Windows® OS)


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