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Bodygram CLOUD Subscription

Bodygram CLOUD yearly subscription (12 months)  € 365,00 
€ 182,50  
Bodygram PLUS Desktop Subscription
Bodygram PLUS yearly subscription (12 months)  € 182,50  ( € 152,00 when subscripted within the 30 trial period days )
Yearly subscription renewal € 152,00

Yearly subscription: allows access to FULL features and to receive upgrades and updates of new modules released during the subscription period.

Bodygram Plus Desktop Pricelist
Bodygram Plus Basic  € 299,00
Bodygram Plus Basic + 1 module € 399,00
Bodygram Plus Basic + 2 modules € 449,00
Bodygram Plus Basic + 3 modules (full version) € 499,00  (€ 449,00 when purchased within the 30 trial period days)
Single module € 109,00
Bodygram Plus Enterprise  € 799,00
      (VAT excluded, prices subject to changes)

Bodygram Plus
Bodygram PLUS Basics: featuring BIVA analysis, 3-compartment body composition analysis with the innovative equations using patients real-hydration coefficient from BIVA (16 y.o. and older), growth charts for pediatric patients, graphs and printouts, export in excel compatible format (csv), database auto back-up and much more.

Bodygram PLUS FULL: Adds 3 optional modules* to the basic version, allowing the access to a over 60 different body composition parameters (Hydragram® and Nutrigram® scales, FFMI and FMI charts, skeletal muscle mass with different equations (screening for sarcopenia and clinical purposes), anthropometrics with cardiometabolic risk rate, total energy expenditure (TEE) estimates by means of physical activity levels (PAL) and over 30 types of activities.

*Module Weight Manager - Module Interpretive - Module Anthropometric

Medical device classification: Bodygram Plus is classified as a class i medical device (directive 93/42/EC);
It is also a class a medical device EN 62304:2006.
Technical characteristics:
Program type: wpf c#
Database type: Microsoft SOL
DB Access: local or with network path, via utility included in the software database and config file installation
Folder: username/documents/bodygramplus lnstallation mode: clickonce user client
Requirements: microsoft .net framework 4, SOL engine
License: via activation key available online and offline
Respect for subject data protection: subject names encrypted in direct DB access
Minimum system requirements
Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 Pro, Windows 10
Minimum screen resolution 1366 x 800 (recommended 1920 x 1080 HD)
Dual core 1 GHZ processor
2 GB ram (4 GB recommended)
1.5 GB free disk space
Not compatibe with windows 8 RT